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10 Steps for a Successful Website

[4] Make it Accessible

Lets say that you did a great market analysis, figured out your target audience and created a great looking website that suits your purpose. Ask yourself this question: What if the people you want to see that content aren't able to access key components of that website because they don’t have the same software and plugins you do? Ooops!!! You see, the internet is essentially an intricate system of computers (including tablets, phones and other devices) and the difficult part is they are all different in terms of screen resolution, operating systems, software, web browsers and plugins. The key here is to create a web viewing experience remains as consistent as possible no matter what system a end user is viewing your site on. At Wyld_Desyns, we have an extensive checklist of processes that goes over these finite details. Not only do we abide by W3C web standards, we test your site against as many different computer scenarios that are considered significant for your target audience. That way your site is view-able the way you want them to see it.

10 Step Guide to successful website design

Click the image at the right to download a PDF version of this very helpful guide to putting your website on the right track!

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