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10 Steps for a Successful Website

[5] Content, Content, Content

Most people who want a website have an ideal image of what it would look like before beginning a web project. The difference between those who have some decent ideas and the ones that successfully get their point across are the ones that focus on their content. A design is visual but, ultimately, when people come to your site they are looking for content and, when they can’t find it, they will go elsewhere. More than likely to your competition. Google is no different than people in that respect either. If the content is not on your pages, it doesn’t matter how much optimization you do, your site will be ranked low. So ask yourself, what is it that you need to say to your target audience? What information coordinates the purpose of your site into a return on your investment? Also, a reminder from other steps, keep it simple & concise because too much information can be confusing.

10 Step Guide to successful website design

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