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10 Steps for a Successful Website

[3] Keep it Simple

The 3rd step to a successful website is to cut the fat and refine your ideas. Studies show that you have 7 sec. to get your point accross or you will lose people. Are your marketing materials doing that for you? One of the most successful sites on the internet is Google. Think of how simple it is. A logo, then a box to type what you are looking for. So let’s say that your purpose is to sell pizza online to your target audience in the Fond du Lac area. Don’t you think that it should be instantly apparent that you can order pizza online for the Fond du Lac area at first glance? If not, oh well, there’s always the big chain pizza store available. The story of your dream vaction, a picture of your dog, and links to local weather< would not only be irrelevant but a distraction from the purpose of your site. People run busy lifes and your business suits a need of theirs. Getting your point accross without having your customers work for it is the genius behind simplicity.

10 Step Guide to successful website design

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