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10 Steps for a Successful Website

[1] Who is your Target Audience?

The first step to getting a successful website is to figure out what your target audience is. You can’t figure out how to organize infomation, plan page layout/pictures/ content or design graphics if you don’t know what your target audience is. For simplicity sake, we tell a lot of clients that we design a website based off of a company’s logo but inherently, a well designed logo always takes into consideration the target audience when establishing the image of your business. For instance, the fun and exciting imagery and graphics on a highly visual website of a circus would not suit the serious tone and layout of a business law office. Failure in considering your target audience makes the whole design process inefficient; costing time and money and, in the worst case, damaging your business image. Afterall, a website is essentailly a 24 hour extension of your business.

10 Step Guide to successful website design

Click the image at the right to download a PDF version of this very helpful guide to putting your website on the right track!

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