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Website Design

Sketchnoting the Web Design Process

It's not 1995 anymore... Your website is a tool to deliver high impact applications to your customers and should give a higher value to your online presence above what a static website or just a social networking presence can provide. We're not just coding fluff, we will help you build a website that will connect your business to the World!

Understanding that websites have many purposes, we will find out who you are trying to reach (and for what purpose) and then custom tailor your site to fit your goals. Our professional designers can help you establish a whole marketing plan for your business and coordinate all of the materials necessary to succeed in the competitive marketplace. We will help you through every stage of the web development process.

Responsive Website Design

Consider the number of people using iPhones, Blackberrys & Android phones, tablets, TVs, desktop computers that are all viewing your website. With multiple displays and platforms that your website is being viewed on, we believe in making ALL of our websites a fully responsive optimized experience.  Why would you isolate any of your target audience?!

So what is responsive design? Responsive design allows your content to adapt to the users viewing platform and solves issues with annoying mobile templates and information that is not relevant to the users experience.  We hand code and test every design element on your site through the web development process.

Content Management Systems

Wyld_Desyns LLC has worked with many different content management systems throughout the years. We are now working with one of the best, most comprehensive and robust systems currently available. We take great pride in knowing that, not only do we develop great web experiences, our customers can now easily update their sites with very little training! Click here to see the benefits of our Content Management System

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is your website if nobody can find you online? Wyld_Desyns LLC will work with you to get your site up in the search rankings. We can help with every aspect of SEO from the page metatags (description, keyword, etc.), page content, social networking, and Google AdWords.

10 Steps for a Successful Website

There is no magic formula for making websites. That's why Wyld_Desyns NEVER uses design templates and stays away from bootstrap and other bloated/stock solutions like WordPress and Joomla. We believe in fully understanding our clients business goals and creating a custom web experience designed for you.

Even though they know it's important to be directly involved in the development process, our clients don't always have the time to research web technology... That's why we have created the 10 Step Guide for a Successful Website!

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